Bell Ringing

Quarter Peals

I've organised this list of Quarter Peals so that on each page of (up to) ten they are numbered from top to bottom. You'll find details of only my most recent performance – more than one if I rang a few within the same week – here on the opening page, with all the other Quarter Peals in which I've participated on the following pages:

For each performance, following the tower's name and location are given the number of bells in the tower and the weight and strike note of the tenor (the heaviest bell in the ring). Where the exact weight of the tenor is known it is given in the traditional way using the British imperial units of Hundredweight, Quarters and Pounds (cwt-qtr-lb) in which there are 28 pounds in a quarter, four quarters in a hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight in a ton (one hundredweight is approximately equal to 50.8 kilograms); otherwise it is estimated to the nearest quarter of a hundredweight. If not all of the bells in the tower were used, such as when ringing six bells at an eight-bell tower, unless otherwise stated it should be assumed that the ringing took place on the heaviest or "back" bells. As always, I've highlighted my own name simply to make it easier for you to spot.

262. Tuesday, 19th September 2017
St James the Less, Iron Acton, Gloucestershire (6, 15½ cwt in F)

1260 changes of Plain Bob Minor in 44 minutes.

  1. Hilda Shipp
  2. Rachel M Parker
  3. D Paul Smith
  4. David J Clark
  5. Martin S Pearson
  6. Alan J Coombs

Conducted by Alan J Coombs.

A First World War Centenary commemoration for Private Alfred George Wollen of Iron Acton who died aged 20 on 30th August 1917.

For Lynda, wishing you a speedy recovery.

263. Friday, 22nd September 2017
St Matthew, Widcombe, Bath, Somerset (6, 12 cwt in F#)

1260 changes of Mixed Doubles (6 methods) in 44 minutes.

  1. Josh D P Jones
  2. Sarah J Quintin
  3. Nicholas C Field
  4. Richard F Curry
  5. Martin S Pearson
  6. Barry R P Quintin

Conducted by Nicholas C Field.

6 methods: Stedman Doubles (60), Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles (240), St Simon's Bob Doubles (240), St Martin's Bob Doubles (240), Grandsire Doubles (240), Plain Bob Doubles (240)