Hi, I'm Martin Pearson. Welcome to my website!

If you want to find out about me then you've definitely come to the right place. Here, you'll find lots of information about me, what I do and why I do it. To begin with, I'm your anything-but-average (because quite frankly, who is?) 39-year-old guy who currently divides his time between his family, friends, and various hobbies and interests, including of course these websites. Any more than that you can find in the More About Me section, along with a photo.

Unless this is your first time here and you don't know me personally, you'll probably already know all about my love of Bell Ringing. I started learning to ring church bells in March 1993, and eleven years later in March 2004 I joined a handbell ringing group too. The information on this website focuses more on my church bell ringing at the moment, though I might publish a page or two on handbell ringing in the future.

And even if you do know me personally, you might not know that I'm a naturist and confirmed "barefooter" - in other words, I don't wear anything on my feet (when the temperature allows!). I'm also a bit of a writer when the mood takes me and I'm currently working on a naturism-themed novel. I've been writing stories in one form or another since I was at primary school, but it's only in more recent years that I've started writing more seriously. You can find out all about that in the Naturism section of the website, along with a little information about naturism in general.

You can probably tell by looking at my websites that I'm a highly organised individual who likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place. You may also know that such a philosophy only goes so far. Everyone needs somewhere to stash their miscellany, and for me that place is right here. I've set aside an entire section as a repository for all the Other Random Stuff that won't fit in anywhere else, so make sure you don't miss anything. I've basically let myself run wild here - consider this your first and last warning!

Finally, my dad Colin also has his own website: Colin S Pearson's Photography. Why not pay him a visit?

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