More About Me

Photo of me - click here for the full pictureI've finally found a suitable mug shot to publish on this page. Taken on one of many evenings spent with friends in The Staple Hill Oak (my local J D Wetherspoon pub), the photo dates back to October 2002, but all that's really changed since then is my haircut.

Now, what can I say? I got the boring bits (name, age, etc.) out of the way on the Home page, so I'd better add some detail here. Something you might find interesting is my page about Religion and Philosophy which tells of the part that religion has played in my life, and outlines my present philosophies and my views on religion in general.

The Home page introduces my interests in Bell Ringing and Naturism, but that's far from all there is to me. When I'm not ringing bells of various sizes (tower or hand) I'm likely to be found at a meeting for one of the local voluntary groups I help with – check out the Committees page to find out what I've been up to.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)I also tend to be called upon to be the IT support guy for various friends and family members, which occasionally brings in a little extra pocket money. Purely out of personal interest, in late 2002 I decided to undertake some "proper" (i.e. expensive) IT training which resulted in my gaining a number of pretty impressive IT Certifications. Five years later in mid-2008 I updated those qualifications, albeit this time without the formal training, deciding instead to take the less expensive route of buying a book.

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