Bell Ringing


For each performance, following the tower's name and location are given the number of bells in the tower and the weight and strike note of the tenor (the heaviest bell in the ring). Where the exact weight of the tenor is known it is given in the traditional way using the British imperial units of Hundredweight, Quarters and Pounds (cwt-qtr-lb) in which there are 28 pounds in a quarter, four quarters in a hundredweight, and 20 hundredweight in a ton (one hundredweight is approximately equal to 50.8 kilograms); otherwise it is estimated to the nearest quarter of a hundredweight. If not all of the bells in the tower were used, such as when ringing six bells at an eight-bell tower, unless otherwise stated it should be assumed that the ringing took place on the heaviest or "back" bells. As always, I've highlighted my own name simply to make it easier for you to spot.

1. Sunday, 9th October 2011
St John the Baptist, Keynsham, Somerset (8, 24-3-27 in D)

5058 changes of Cambridge Surprise Major in 3 hours and 16 minutes.

  1. Robert Perry
  2. Nicola J Williams
  3. Jane Hooker
  4. Emma L Pym
  5. Barrie Hendry
  6. Martin S Pearson
  7. Pauline Champion
  8. Michael E C Mears

Conducted by Robert Perry.

Composed by Donald F Morrison (No.1013).

First Peal at first attempt: 6

2. Saturday, 14th January 2012
Cathedral Church of St Andrew, Wells, Somerset (10, 56-1-14 in C – the world's heaviest ring of ten bells hung for English-style change ringing)

5021 changes of Grandsire Caters in 3 hours and 28 minutes.

  1. Nicola J Williams
  2. Molly S Waterson
  3. Martin S Pearson
  4. Robert D Bell
  5. Michael Lilley
  6. Michael J Stubbs
  7. Thomas N Longridge
  8. Michael W Day
  9. Simon D G Webb
  10. Robert Perry

Conducted by Thomas N Longridge.

Composed by John N Longridge.

First on ten bells and first of Grandsire: 3
First of Caters as Conductor.

Whilst we were ringing this Peal, Rebecca Day (the wife of Michael who was ringing the 8th bell) was outside recording two videos which Michael has uploaded to YouTube:

The bells sound a lot clearer outside compared to what we could hear in the Ringing Room, where it was often difficult to pick out the individual notes. Of course, bells are intended primarily to be heard from outside the tower, but it certainly helps us to have the best possible sound inside as well so we can ensure our ringing is as good as it can be.

3. Saturday, 29th June 2013
St Peter, Marksbury, Somerset (6, 10 cwt in G)

5040 changes of Mixed Doubles (7 methods) in 2 hours and 48 minutes.

  1. Nicola J Williams
  2. Martin S Pearson
  3. Thomas K Cook
  4. Jonathan D Storey
  5. Robert Perry
  6. Alan J Coombs

Conducted by Robert Perry.

7 methods: Stedman Doubles, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles, Winchendon Place Doubles, St Nicholas Place Doubles, St Simon's Bob Doubles, St Martin's Bob Doubles, Grandsire Doubles (720 of each)

For St Peter's Day.

First Peal at first attempt: 3
First on six bells: 2 & 4
Circled the tower to peals (after 46 years!): 5

4. Saturday, 30th November 2013
All Saints, Farmborough, Somerset (6, 9-0-10 in F)

5040 changes of Cambridge Surprise Minor in 2 hours and 43 minutes.

  1. Robert Perry
  2. James H C Hillier
  3. Nicola J Williams
  4. Martin S Pearson
  5. Thomas K Cook
  6. Jonathan D Storey

Conducted by Robert Perry.

Four different callings: 1× 2160, 1× 1440, 2× 720

To celebrate the wedding today of Emma-Jane Nichols and Tom Cook.

First of Minor: 2, 4, 5 & 6

5. Saturday, 27th February 2016
St Saviour, Coalpit Heath, Gloucestershire (8, 10-0-06 in G)

5152 changes of Superlative Surprise Major in 2 hours and 55 minutes.

  1. Michael O'Hagan
  2. Anthony M Bulteel
  3. Elaine M Scudamore
  4. Martin S Pearson
  5. Alison M Holliday
  6. Jonathan D Storey
  7. Matthew C Gardiner
  8. Keith W Scudamore

Conducted by Keith W Scudamore.

First touch in method: 4
First in the method on the bells.

6. Saturday, 23rd April 2016
St John the Baptist, Keynsham, Somerset (8, 24-3-27 in D)

5040 changes of Grandsire Triples in 3 hours and 8 minutes.

  1. Lorna E Swan
  2. Sheila C Matthews
  3. William Willans
  4. Alison M Holliday
  5. Andrew H Ball
  6. Keith W Scudamore
  7. Martin S Pearson
  8. David J Clark

Conducted by William Willans.

Composed by John Carter (12-part; 3rd observation).

"For Queen and Country."

Rung for England on St George's Day, and in celebration of the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 21st April.

First peal of Triples: 7
First peal for more than 30 years: 8

20th peal on the bells.
First peal of Triples on the bells since 1969.