My Philosophy

What does naturism mean to me? Put simply, I suppose it makes more sense than wearing clothes! But it also helps me to retain a little personal freedom in this modern and over-restrictive world. We all too readily accept the rules and conventions imposed upon us by our ancestors and those who act in authority (so much for "all men are created equal"), however each of these groups has (at least) one major flaw:

I'm thankful I never had to live through a time when women had to keep such "offensive" parts as their shoulders and ankles covered, or when men had to work from the age of fifteen while the women stayed at home, no questions asked. We've changed the world many times before; what's to stop us doing it again?

Returning to the main topic, you might be wondering why I choose to call myself a naturist rather than a nudist, or even why I give myself such a label at all. Well, in the case of the "label", I simply see it as a description of a part of my character, in the same way that you might call me a bell ringer, or white. People make too much fuss about labels these days (and I don't mean in terms of fashion - don't even get me started on that!) when all they do is distinguish us from each other. You don't hear many complaints from the pieces on a chess board.

As for which label I choose to use, I personally don't see a difference between nudism and naturism. I just prefer the latter term.